About Parcility

Parcility is a Web-based package browser written in JavaScript and TypeScript. It was in development for around half a year, with most of the development taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Our main goal was to create a beautiful way to browse iOS jailbreak repos online, and we think we did just that. However, it wasn't trivial to do. For this, we thank all of our developers, designers, and other collaborators.

Development was managed by Zenith, the development team behind the Web-based Eclipse emulator. This consists of:

However, as Parcility was such a big project, we also had some help outside of Zenith. This includes:

We also want to thank Dynastic Repo, Chariz, Packix, and Sileo Team for helping us ensure Parcility acts in good faith in accordance to current repo specifications and is friendly for repo maintainers.

Parcility also aided in the discovery of dozens of under-documented piracy repos, which has been subsequently reported to moderators and developers to keep users safe from malware, as well as discovering bugs in Sileo and other package managers and repos.

Thank you for using Parcility. We hope you enjoy the months of hard work our team has put into the project.

Contact Us

Parcility currently doesn't allow for developers to manage their repos on their own. In the meantime, if you want your repo added, removed, or have other concerns, please contact our team and we'll help you out.

How to Contact

If you find a bug with Parcility, please contact us using one of those forums. Alternatively, if one of our open-sourced components are not working as intended, feel free to file a bug report on the respective project's GitHub page.

Software License Notice

Parcility uses open-sourced code licensed under the MIT license. You can read the license in full here.